Pittsburgh Power FAQ

1. What engines do the Pittsburgh Power work on?

They are designed for the Cummins N-14 Celect, Celect Plus, Caterpillar 3406E, C-10,
C-12, C-15 and C-16 engines and Detroit Diesel DD III and IV (1995 and up) only at this

2. Can I do the install myself?

The average person should have no problem installing one themselves.  If you can drill
and tap a hole, hook up some electrical connections and drill a hole in the firewall you are
ready to do it yourself.

3. How much power will I gain?

The Cummins and Detroit engines will gain up to 175 flywheel horsepower and 400ft. lbs.
of torque depending on the CPL#.  The 3406E/C15-16 is improved by as much as 200 rear
wheel horsepower (500+ torque) and the C-12 is 125 rear wheel horsepower.

4. Will this affect my engines warranty?

Anything you do to modify the engine may have an adverse affect on a warranty.  If you
have a problem and it is not horsepower related, it should still be covered as long as the
added power did not cause the failure.

5. Will the stock ECM know this unit was on my truck?

The original engine computer is not effected by the Pittsburgh Power and no traces of the
upgrade are left after removal.

6. What is the warranty on the Pittsburgh Power unit?

One year.

7. How much are they?

The cost is $2295.00-2395.00 depending on the engine.  Early Celect engines may require a
boost sensor and adapter plate.  Installation labor at our shop would be under $300.00.

8. Will this added power affect engine life?

Your engines ability to run a full service life will be directly related to your driving habits.  
Most drivers are using level two or three for normal driving and are enjoying the benefits
there.  Added fuel mileage along with the additional power added at those levels are
considered to be perfectly safe.  The higher power levels were designed with our sled
puller and drag racers in mind.

9. Will my driveline be able to handle the extra power?

Absolutely!  We have not had one horsepower related driveline failure to this date on any
of our high performance diesel configurations.

10.  Will Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh be releasing these for Sig 600, A-cert or the ISX
Cummins etc..

The Pittsburgh Power is only available for the engines listed above, at this time, and we
have no information on release dates for the other engine models.

11.  Will the Pittsburgh Power add more RPM to my engine?

We will in no way add more RPM to the engine and, at this time, have no way to do so.

12.  How much boost will I make with the Pittsburgh Power?

Your manifold pressure will increase.  How much of an increase will vary from engine to
engine.  Please keep in mind you don't get power from air.  The air is there to control the
smoke output and keep your exhaust gas temperatures down.

13.  Will my smoke output be increased?

We do not effect the smoke output of the engine.