Authorized Pittsburgh Power Dealer
Pittsburgh Power is the new "add on" performance
computer for the N-14 Celect/Celect Plus, Caterpillar
3406E, C-10, C-12, C-15, C-16 and now introducing the
ACCERT engine .  Also availabel for Detroit Diesel D Deck
III and IV engines (will not work on early D Deck).
Image of the Computer.
Image of the Cat/Cummins dash display unit.
Image of the Detroit dash display unit.
Side image of the Computer
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After years of research our N-14E, Caterpillar 3406E, C-10, C-12, 15, 16, ACCERT and Detroit
Diesel D Deck III and IV power enhancement product is ready. We are very excited about this
new addition to our high performance product line and the Cummins/Cat/Detroit
community should be as well. The Pittsburgh Power is an add on engine computer and does
not affect your existing ECM. This product has been in the field for over five years and, in
most situations, is more than paying for itself in fuel mileage savings.  That is not even
mentioning the fun factor.
Since the release of this upgrade we have been keeping track of customer satisfaction.  
Most owner operators are running on power level two or three, to do their daily driving,
and are very happy using those lower settings.  Also, a minimum of a few tenths of a mile
per gallon fuel mileage improvement has been noted for the average owner operator.  
Some have actually improved 1 full mile per gallon and more!  At a price of $2395.00 for
the Celect Plus, Detroit and Caterpillar and $2295.00 for Celect, the unit could pay for
itself in fuel savings alone.  We have had a lot of requests from potential customers
wanting to speak to our happy customers to hear how well this works. Unfortunately, we
can not give out our customers personal contact information but if you are not fully
satisfied you may return the unit for a refund within 30 days of purchase. How is that for
a satisfaction guarantee??  

Note:  The early first design Cummins Celect engines, built from 1991-1994, use one of
two different boost sensors.  When you place your order, we will need to know what style
boost sensor your engine is equipped with.  The boost sensor is located on the back side
of the intake manifold and has a three wire connector attached to it.  We need to know if
the sensor screws into the manifold or if it is held to the intake by two bolts. The newer
boost sensor and attaching components will have to be purchased in addition to the
Pittsburgh Power.
                                Below is a description of the Cummins unit:

Power at your fingertips! The Celect engine was produced from 1991 through 1995. The
Celect Plus engine began production in 1996.  The performance computer for these engines is
called "Pittsburgh Power."  Measuring 9"LX5.75"WX2.225"D the computer must be mounted
inside the cab with the LED readout attached by Velcro to the top of the instrument panel.
The display, measuring 3.75"X2.25"X1", will show turbo boost and exhaust gas temperature
(EGT/pyrometer reading). When the engine reaches 1300 deg. the computer will cut back on
the added horsepower until the EGT drops back to under 1300.  The LED readout has a
selection dial with eight positions. Setting "0" signifies that the computer is turned off while
the others increase horsepower in increments of twenty-five. This boils down to a maximum
increase of 175HP*. For example: an engine rated at 500HP will now be able to achieve 525 at
setting #1, 550 at setting #2 and so on until setting #7 where it will max out at 675HP*. While
driving in snow, heavy traffic, fog, rain, off highway or if excitement levels become
uncomfortable simply turn the knob back to zero where your engine will once again run at
stock specs. At idle the computer renders the engine back to stock fuel settings.  As pressure
is applied to the throttle and the turbocharger begins to develop boost the computer will turn
itself on and begin to add fuel at ½ LB. of boost. Say goodbye to the turbo lag. Your foot will
feel as though it's connected to a mechanical injector pump. As you push so shall you
accelerate. Your driving pleasure will be enhanced with Pittsburgh Power!!  Note: The
Caterpillar 3406E is making approximately 10 more HP per power level than the Cummins
and Detroit for a 200HP increase.  The C-10 and C-12 will add 125HP over stock.  This
improvement is rear wheel horsepower.

                                Fuel Mileage With The Pittsburgh Power:

Please keep in mind when thinking about fuel mileage:  This unit is a performance
enhancement .  Generally, when you improve performance, fuel mileage is also improved.  
Fuel mileage can be increased when using this unit if you are an average owner operator
pulling 60-80K lbs. across country.  Under these conditions an average improvement of 3
tenths MPG is very common.  Some of our customers have seen over one MPG improvement
in mileage.  There are also situations where there may be no improvement in mileage.  These
Running around empty
Pulling very light loads
Running on flat level terrain
Pulling oversize or over weight loads
Running high power levels
Using the unit to gain enough power to run at excessive speeds.
                Performance Products Pricing for Electronic Engines:


Detroit Pittsburgh Power Performance Computer for DD-III or DD-IV $2395.00


Caterpillar Pittsburgh Power Performance Computer                    $2395.00


Cummins Pittsburgh Power Performance Computer for Celect Plus $2395.00

Cummins Pittsburgh Power Performance Computer for Select $2295.00